The Real Unlimited Plan

Your brand never turns off, so neither do we.

At JXM, we believe that immediate availability, as well as proficiency and courtesy, should be the standard from the people you trust to work with your business and your brand. That’s why every one of our clients gets matched with someone on our partner-level team and given unlimited access to them at all times. 

Your brand never turns off 

Brands don’t power down at 5 pm and wake up again at 9 am. Your brand, site, and offerings have to be accessible at all times for the sake of the customers, members, or clients you serve. When you’re the one responsible for nurturing something that never sleeps, knowing there’s someone you can call on for backup when you need it can be a lifesaver. 


For CMOs, CEOs, and business owners, having a lifeline to a partner who can help not only makes juggling all the demands on your time more manageable but it can make your output even better. Unlimited access to an expert who understands and shares your vision for your brand and your business means you get the answers you need swiftly and accurately, so you can choose to act or pass the baton from a place of confidence. It frees up time and allows you to turn your attention toward the problems only you can solve.  


After all, even lending an ear when it’s needed most and bouncing ideas off someone who understands what you’re going through can be invaluable. It can be the difference between a brand-making decision and a brand-breaking one. 

… So we don’t turn off either

Our clients have partner’s direct cell phone number, not for “emergencies only,” but for whenever they need us. If you have a question, it deserves a prompt answer, whether it’s at 6 pm on Friday, 11 am on Tuesday, or during the firework display on the 4th of July. It may not be life and death, but if it’s important to your business, your brand, or you, it’s important to us too. 


Talking to you when you need us most helps us understand your business’s ins and outs. We’re not vendors who bill for time, passing mediocrity back in return. We’re trusted partners who grow with you. We strive to become experts in how our clients do business and how they generate revenue, profit, and growth. If we’re not there to answer your call, we’re not living up to our end of the partnership. 

A real unlimited plan  

JXM clients never pay to interact with us, whether it’s an email, text message, phone call, or meeting requiring us to take a plane flight. Clients also don’t wait on hold with an answering service or leave a message with a receptionist. Why? If we think of ourselves as partners, then putting cost, time, or distance barriers in the way makes no sense at all.


Having an open line of communication leads to better results. It means meeting your goals. It means a quick text response rather than an hour on hold.


Book a meeting with us now and reap the rewards of an unrivaled, unlimited access client service experience the better way, the JXM way.