Authentic Partnerships and why they matter.


We sat down for some Q x A with Nancy Loftis, VP Marketing & Public Relations at Advia Credit Union.

It’s been an honor to work with Nancy for the last 9 years! 

We were introduced to JXM by E&A Credit Union as we were merging teams.  We were undergoing a complete rebrand and needed some very last-minute help in introducing our new brand to multiple key stakeholders in various regions throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  


Without a misstep, JXM helped us do a complete launch (in less than 30 days) with a well-crafted, multi-channel approach that included display advertising, outdoor, direct mail, and video. Our partnership was born in a time of high stakes, excitement, and quite a bit of stress. JXM provided a sense of calm, expertise, teamwork, and positivity.  I’ll forever be grateful for how they helped us at that time and ever since!   

What stands out to me about the agency is their commitment to being an “authentic partner” to Advia [By that I mean] seeming to care more about our success than their own, and being willing and ready to roll up their sleeves to help us anytime we have a question or concern … even when outside their traditional scope.  


They make us feel like we come first all of the time, and their level of responsiveness is insane.I always feel the need to ask them not to respond if I send a comment over the weekend or in the evening, because I know someone will otherwise. Also, they’re always thinking 2 years ahead in considering the challenges we’ll be facing.     

The wildest ride I will always remember is how we came to partner with JXM in the first place.  😊

What stands out to me in our process of working together is how collaborative the entire team at JXM is, and how they look to help us grow.  Laurie (our day-to-day AE) reaches out regularly, reviews reports with us monthly and connects with all facets of our team—project management, creative and analytics—to learn as much as possible to make sure we’re making good media decisions.  


Jim and Matt are equally responsive, and will help make recommendations for any challenge we’re facing. They do not work in silos, but as a team … when you connect with one of them, the others are kept updated to your needs. They’ve never dropped the ball one time in all of the years we’ve worked together.

Working with JXM is like working with a VERY smart, funny and honest friend who “gets you” and wants to help you succeed. There is no reason not to work with them!

If you’re thinking about working with JXM, get ready to be thrilled with the level of service and knowledge they bring to the table. Get ready to feel like you’re working with hard-working, collaborative friends who will treat you like gold.  Get ready to not feel pressured into making marketing decisions that benefit them more than you. Get ready to learn about zombies, tools you’ll need in case of a potential apocalypse and great food.     


Thanks for all you do for us – we couldn’t do it with you!!

Better clients deserve better results.