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Episode I: Mergers and Acquisitions

Special guest: Michael Bell, Partner, Honigman

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In this episode of INTERSXCTIONS, we talk with Michael Bell. Michael is a partner at the law firm Honigman, and he LITERALLY invented the process by which credit unions acquire other businesses. We cover a lot of ground on this topic here and it was tons of fun to merge our ideas and acquire new knowledge, thanks to Michael.

See what we did there? ​

our guest

Michael Bell, Partner, Honigman

Mr. Bell serves as Co-Chair of the Financial Institutions Practice Group at Honigman. He concentrates his practice in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, class action defense strategies, business law, and real estate. He represents financial institutions throughout the United States and has completed over 35 M&A transactions in the past five years. In 2011, he pioneered a new option for credit unions to achieve rapid growth with the first purchase of a bank by a credit union.

In this space, he has completed all but four credit union purchases of banks and has become the nationwide leader and go-to legal adviser. Mr. Bell has also helped credit unions acquire other businesses, including real estate brokerages, mortgage originators, and specialized lenders. He additionally advises financial institutions on all regulatory matters at the state and federal level. Mr. Bell has extensive experience counseling individual entrepreneurs through publicly traded companies on strategies such as growth in difficult economic climates, business restructuring, and strategic planning.


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