Aggressive Ad Strategies

Let's get aggressive, shall we?

At JXM, we love aggressive ad strategies. Not those all-caps BUY IT NOW prompts or the relentlessly invasive ads that annoyingly follow customers around. Nobody wants that. No, when we say aggressive, we mean aggressively strategic. 

Think boxing champ meets chess grandmaster. 

To create a winning ad strategy, you need to be aggressive. But too many marketing companies think that means dominating a single keyword or outbidding competitors at every opportunity. The problem is, you’ll bankrupt yourself before you see results. That’s where strategy comes in. 

Our approach to advertising isn’t about throwing punches at your competition or cornering your customers with a knockout ad. It’s about surveying the chessboard, seeing your strengths, understanding your competitors’ weaknesses, and playing out a strategy that ends in checkmate.


When they go low, we go high
 Let’s make one thing clear from the start: we’re not fans of punching down. Our ad strategies don’t pummel the competition or smear an opponent’s reputation. Instead, they shine a light on everything that makes you a contender.  Advertising is all about distinguishing your brand. To do that, you need to know what makes you unique—and why that matters to your audience. It’s easy to say, “great customer service” or “better quality,” but how can you back those claims up?

Our approach to an aggressive ad strategy starts with identifying your key value propositions: the things that set you apart in the eyes of your customers. It goes beyond making claims—we look for concrete, irrefutable evidence that your customers can take to the bank. Any company can run an ad that says, “we’re the best.” We’ll run a campaign on behalf of your brand that tells everyone exactly why you’re the best at whatever your specific value propositions are.

Surveying the entire chessboard
When it comes to strategic advertising, the world is a chessboard. B4 is Instagram Ads. E6 is Google Ads. G2 is local radio advertising. Every spot on the board is an opportunity for market share, and we’re aggressively strategic in how we help move you to the right squares for your brand. Instead of going after every space your competitors occupy, we survey the whole board to see what they’re ignoring. Then, we maneuver your brand into positions of strength. While you occupy more and more channels, your competitors will double-down on their positions—until it’s too late. They’re trapped, moving back and forth between a few mediums because you’ve got a monopoly on the rest of the board. 

While your competitors spend huge sums to compete on Google Ads, perhaps we’ll help you better capitalize on Instagram. Getting beat on one keyword? We’ll explore others worth your time. Need to branch out beyond digital? Let’s fill the void with print marketing. Let us help you figure out the best ad strategy for winning across the board. 

Continuous evaluation and improvement
What do a boxer and a chess grandmaster have in common? They’re both surveying their surroundings all the time and constantly adapting to meet their endgame. At JXM, so are we. We believe an aggressive ad strategy is a dynamic one. If a boxer stands still for even a second, they’re going to take a haymaker to the chin. If a chess master doesn’t see the board from their opponent’s perspective, their strategy will fall apart. We’re constantly moving and thinking when it comes to advertising opportunities, to make sure you’re getting sustainable results from a strategy that’s always evolving. Sure, we take a punch or lose a piece every once in a while—that’s part of the game. But our ability to reorient and reassess gets us back in the fight and back on the board. Best of all, we’ve had more than a decade to learn from our mistakes. When we get up, we get up stronger.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a grandmaster

Whether you’re in the financial sector, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or another industry altogether, we’ve stepped into the ring for clients just like you in the past. With over 5 billion in advertising served over the past decade, we’re no amateurs when it comes to ad strategy. We’ve put in the time, the work, and the heart to become experts. More importantly, we continue to put in the effort for every client—new and longstanding alike. Advertising demands an aggressive approach. But it also demands strategy. Right in the middle, you’ll find the team at JXM playing chess in the center of the boxing ring. It’s an unconventional pairing, but the winning combination isn’t always the one you’d expect. 

Ready to step into the ring and checkmate the competition?

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