February 3, 2023

A Story 75 Years in the Making.

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FY 2022

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Credit Union Brand Building


In 2022, JXM had the opportunity to work in partnership with Northwest Federal Credit Union in Herndon, VA, to produce collateral for the organization’s Diamond Anniversary. Founded in 1947, NWFCU has spent 75 years faithfully serving members and communities as a lifetime financial partner. Its diamond anniversary celebration was an opportunity to highlight not only this longevity, but also the organization’s commitment to service. 

The NWFCU Diamonds campaign is a conceptual and visual tribute to the organization’s 75th anniversary, marrying its years of service with community-focused core values. Given this strong confluence of variables, JXM chose to honor the legacy of NWFCU through those it serves, tying everything together in a campaign that extolled the organization’s success as the product of its members.

Naturally, JXM chose a diamond motif—representative of a Diamond Anniversary—as an anchor point.

The slogan, “A celebration of Then. Now. Next.” serves as a tribute to the organization’s four distinct member segments:

NWFCU Diamonds spans a full omnichannel campaign, with its core elements directly tied to a cornerstone video produced by JXM. The “hype” video explores the formation of a diamond, emphasizing the rigors and pressures needed to catalyze one—an allusion to NWFCU’s longevity as a BFSI institution, with the following narration to preface an anniversary message: 

"A diamond is no overnight success. They’re shaped under incredible heat and pressure. Formed by their surroundings."

The diamond analogy becomes a metaphor as the focus of the video shifts to NWFCU and its 75th anniversary, then adopts a tone of gratitude as it segues to footage of the organization’s four distinct member segments. Voiceover pays tribute to then, now, and next in the context of NWFCU’s ongoing legacy, as made possible by its members. 6-, 15-, and 30-second cut downs were used for ads. 

NWFCU On This Day
NWFCU 75 Days of Savings

Alongside the video, JXM also produced an “On This Day 75 Years Ago” campaign asset for NWFCU social channels, and helped develop a “75 Days of Savings” concept to promote engagement around the Diamond Anniversary celebration.  

The Message

NWFCU Diamonds tells a multidimensional story, much like light refracted through a diamond. While the spotlight is on the organization’s 75 years of service, the message is refracted to illuminate each unique member group. In the same way a true diamond reflects a rainbow of colors, NWFCU reflects on its team members, current members, community members, and future members. 

“We went with the Diamond theme for obvious reasons. But at the same time, it proved to be the perfect metaphor for the story this organization was trying to tell,” said Matt Maguy, Co-Founder at JXM.

“Much like a diamond, this creative concept had a number of brilliant facets that all fit together flawlessly. The result was something momentous and beautiful—something you want to share with someone important to you.”

The video also emphasizes the legacy of NWFCU as a concept that’s directly tied to its members. It aligns then, now, and next with servitude: paying homage to those who’ve supported the organization in the past, those who uphold its reputation today, and those it’s beholden to in the future. 

The Result

“JXM delivered a product that was exactly what we were looking for—and at the same time, was like nothing we could have imagined,” says Joelle Hahn, Creative Director at NWFCU. “They are definitely a creative powerhouse, and the overall experience working with them on the project was excellent.”

The NWFCU Diamonds video represents a remarkable accomplishment, wrapped in a powerful analogy, possessing a flawless clarity—everything a diamond should be. 

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